“The key to good design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space.”

-Tony Stavish

Spectrum works to create meaningful spaces to improve the quality of life. Our architects guide our clients through the design process, leading the way toward solutions which resonate with the facility’s users. Together, we will work with design components and piece them together into a unified cohesive design; the result will be interior solutions that reflect the culture of our clients, and add lasting value to their properties. We believe that design must be grounded by the people who inhabit the space.

We continually refine our methodology towards designing intelligent and appealing solutions that respond to our clients goals; we make it our goal to meet your needs. In order to design a suitable environment that supports our clients conditions, Spectrum designers assist each client in reviewing, in-depth, the influencing factors – appearance, cost, flexibility, tradition, and technology.

Our architects work to push the envelope of flexibility, to accommodate open space environments that promote communication and collaboration.