“Leave this world a little better place than you found it”

Braden Powell

It is our duty to make the world a better place; for Spectrum, architecture is that stratagem. Our goals are to captivate the imagination, excite the spirit, create buildings of enduring functionality, and give ‘shape’ to the world through places that inspire.

By pursuing the path of unbiased collaboration, exploration, discovery, and innovation, Spectrum’s design culture transcends static beliefs and easy answers to support our curiosity and thoughtful  questioning; we transform chaos into order.  We recognize that identifying the right problem to address is often 80% of the solution.

Through our work, we pursue the path of open-minded collaboration, exploration, discovery, and innovation.

At Spectrum, we emphasize performance to help our clients reduce their risk, realize their dreams, and optimize staff performance and efficiency. Spectrum engages restrictions of budgets, schedules, codes, regulations, and site conditions as opportunities.

We believe the process of design must be metamorphic, enduring, and sustaining.